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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

OC Fair

We had such a fun day today at the OC Fair! It was Berkley's 1st time which made it exciting!

First stop - the animals!  Cade had a blast telling us what each animal "says".

Then we saw the pony rides!  I remember seeing this last year, but he was a few months too young (16 months minimum).  I was hesitant this year because I thought he would be timid (they did not allow parents to walk alongside).  However, Cade was very excited and really wanted to "ride the horsey!"
So we got in line and I made sure that we could get a refund if he freaked out when it was his turn.
But nope!  This little stud went through with it!  I was SHOCKED!

The lady picking him up and putting him on the pony :)

Here he goes! 

I was SO PROUD watching my little boy!  I couldn't believe he was doing this ALL BY HIMSELF!

Where did my little baby go??  He is such a 'boy' now.  Bittersweet :)

I know, I know, I took way too many pictures - but what can you do?  I am still beaming from ear to ear!

Next stop, was some food! 

We saw some crazy clowns riding the sky line while in line:)  Cade thought this ride was "scary"!  We agree!

There was this little sand area where the kids could play.  It was perfect because Cade wanted out of the stroller to run free.  And it was such a bummer - we kept talking about all the fun rides we would ride - turns out you have to be 36" tall, and Mr. Man is only 34.5".  Poor guy - such a let down after we had been talking about it all morning:(  I can't believe they don't have even 1 ride for these guys.

The kiddos did a great job and lasted without any major meltdowns.  Success!

Until next time OC Fair ... which won't be long, since we have passes :)  We live so close so it makes it easy to skip over for a few hours pretty often.  It gets us out of the house and the kids get some fun entertainment:)

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