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Saturday, February 6, 2010


We had just left the Doctor and had to drive to the restaurant before revealing the results that were safely sealed in this envelope. We were so giddy and so excited for the big news!
We gave the envelope to the waitress and asked her to open it in order to reveal the news. If it was a girl, we asked her to bring us pink lemonade. If it was a boy, bring diet coke. She used to-go cups so that we couldn't see the color. Only when we tasted the drink would we find out the news! Brad went first......

Then it was my turn. It took a minute to register what I was tasting.... I thought I tasted carbonation but couldn't be sure. I had to open the lid and check the color just to be sure.

IT'S DIET COKE...... I mean IT'S A BOY! It has been little CADE in my tummy all along! We are so glad we can call our little miracle by name now. It was really cute to see Cade rub his eye during the sonogram. It is amazing to see him do that already at this early stage.

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