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Friday, August 2, 2013

More Visits to the OC Fair!

Back to the fair we went!
We have a tradition to take family photos in the fair photo booth.  I just LOVE these thing!  Here are the munchkins as we waited for our photos to print out:

Brad & I being goofy.  Well, one of us is being goofy.... evidently I didn't get the memo :)

Our family photos!
Tori and my aunt Nancy came with us one time!  Not the best pic, but as good as I could get.  Sorry, Tori!  The kiddos absolutely ADORE Tori :)  Actually, all kid do!  She is so good with them and acts silly making them laugh so hard!

Cade and I on the Monster Truck ride :)  What fun!

Berkley's 1st time riding a pony!  Go Berkie Go! 
As you can see below, she wanted off after about 1 or 2 trips around.  Cade was behind her and was telling her, "It's ok, Baba!"  (When Cade was little he would say "Baba" instead of "Baby".  Oddly enough, the nickname has stuck and he still calls her that.  So do we sometimes!  Everyone at daycare knew her as Baba too!)

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