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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Cade's 1st Race!

Today was Race Day. This morning all 4 of us (Me, Brad, Cade & Baby JJ) got up and headed down to Seal Beach for the 10k. This was an exciting day for us. It was Brad's 1st race and it was my 1st time pushing Cade in a race. Here is how our morning started.... getting Cade dressed. Like his 'shirt hat'?? :) Here is his running outfit:) Track suit with his official 'runners' shirt.
The boys pre-race:
My race partner & I pre-race:
The 3 (well 4 really:) musketeers! This is RIGHT before we started.

And we are off! Brad started before us and was running for time. The munchkin & I started in the back with the other strollers.
Here is my view. I couldn't get a shot of Cade's head. Darn! The finish line... we are almost there!
Here we are taking our final steps across that Finish Line! Woo hoo! We made it! Now you can see the cutest little runner out of the bunch:)

Hmmm, which one of my boys worked harder in the race?
Family pic, post-race. All done... this calls for some brunch. And off we went:)

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