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Saturday, April 9, 2011

How We Found Out....

.... that we were having A GIRL! When it was time to find out whether Cade was a boy or girl, we (Brad) came up with a fun, suspenseful way to reveal the news to ourselves. We kept with tradition and did the same 'trick' this time around. Here's how it works: We had the Doc write the gender down on a card and seal it. (We wanted to experience the moment with just the 2 (now 3) of us - not with a Doc in the room). We then drove (ok, sped!) to a restaurant to grab a bite. We gave the waitress the sealed envelope and asked her to open it in the back. If it was a GIRL, we asked her to bring out a PINK LEMONADE. If it was a BOY, we asked for a DIET COKE. She of course would bring the drink (yes, single... just one so we could taste one at a time) in a coffee style cup with a lid so that we couldn't see the color. We would then take a drink to determine what we were having! Sounds silly, I know, but it was oh so much fun!! With Cade, Brad tasted first and I had to wait. The suspense killed me! This time around, I got to go first:) So, now that you know the story, here are the pictures capturing this very special moment. Here are the boys as we are walking into brunch... The Jacobsen trio about to walk in the door. We were soooo excited and anxious!

Waiting for the waitress to bring the special drink.... my heart was beating so fast! I was so giddy... can you tell!? As was Brad:)
I am pretending to drink here. I didn't actually drink yet because the straw was clear and I didn't want Brad to see the color.

Ok, here is the revealing moment! I am drinking behind the menu so Brad can't see. I also am not looking down so that I wouldn't see the color through the straw. It was fun because it takes your brain a minute to comprehend what you are drinking. I made Brad wait about 30 seconds (which seemed like 30 minutes) before passing him the cup. And I kept my poker face the whole time! He was shocked I never even cracked a smile.
Ahhhhhh!!! It's PINK!! You know what that means! Bows, frills, and all things PINK!!! We got our little girl! Thank you Jesus! We are so blessed to get one of each.
Here is the cover of the card....

And the inside.... Doesn't she look like a 'she'??
Here is the proof:)
Time to celebrate! Well, at least for Brad:) I got to have my virgin pink lemonade:)
We are beyond thrilled! I told Brad that there is only one rule: she is not allowed to leave the house without a bow in her hair:) hee hee

His response: "yeah, unless we are going surfing!"

This little girl is already loved SO MUCH! I am so excited to have a pedicure & shopping partner. And someone to lay in bed with me, all snuggled up while we watch The Bachelor. Brad is excited to have a little girl to spoil. She already has him wrapped around her little pigtails:) And Cade is beyond thrilled to have a partner in crime. He is hoping she has cute friends:)

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