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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Double Digits

My Dearest Baby Boy,

Where has the time gone? I cannot believe you are already in the double digits! Ten whole months old! Where did my little baby go? You are such a fun, sweet, lovable boy. I am addicted to loving you. You are absolutely edible.

Your Daddy & I adore you. You bring us unexplainable joy. Our favorite parts of the day are going in your room to get you in the morning (or night depending on when you cry for us) and running in to pick you up after we get off work.

When I am away from you, I feel like my right arm is missing. You are my sidekick and you belong attached to me always. We are so proud of you and love showing you off. How did we get so lucky to be your parents? You are the best gift we have ever received.
Your smile is contagious. Your laugh is the sweetest thing I have ever heard. Your touch melts me. And that twinkle in your eye is priceless. I love seeing the world through your eyes and I absolutely love being your Mommy. I love you so much, Monkey.



Your 10 month pic - taken when you had a 100.7 temp:(

Your 10 month sweet treats - Mommy's favorite, No Bake Cookies :)

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