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Sunday, May 8, 2011

My 1st Mother's Day

We were super busy today. We headed out pretty early to go to the swap meet. We thought we would go to church after, but time got away from us. Since we already bought our double BOB stroller (which we love!) we decided to use it. Cade sits on one side, and our shopping bags & diaper bag sit on the other! Where will Baby JJ sit once she gets here!? :) After all the walking we did, we worked up quite an appetite. We went to Applebees - my craving with this pregnancy.

This little guy is getting quite squirrely at restaurants lately which makes it a bit of a challenge, be we make do:)

This is my staple lately.... gotta have my chicken fingers 'n fries. Boy, Baby JJ must love salt!

Brad couldn't make up his mind, so he got this sampler platter...

Here is Brad trying to show the camera the way Cade was acting at lunch... ha ha!

And here was my dessert! Read it closely... WE REVEAL BABY JJ'S NAME in the writing!

Baby JJ now has a name! We cannot wait to meet our precious BERKLEY LAINE JACOBSEN!

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