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Monday, April 9, 2012


We went to church bright and early and then came home to give the kids their naps. Upon awaking, they got these:

We then went to my grandma's house where Tori set up this Easter egg hunt for the kids. She did such a great job! She even helped Cade find some eggs!

Next we went to Brad's aunt's beach house, but I failed to get any pix - darn! We must've been having too much fun:) We were gone all day. We came home right at dinner time.
Before going to bed, Cade wanted to color Berkley's mask that she got in her Easter basket. This was the 'before':
And this was the 'after':
Oh! This is also another 'after' picture:
Whoops! Did you notice (a few pictures up) how Cade holds the marker? Brad (and I) is VERY proud of this. He did it all on his own - we never showed him the correct way to hold the pen.
This pic makes me smile. I just love seeing these 2 interact!
We hope everyone had a great Easter! He is Risen!!

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