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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Dukes' Burgers

We went out to dinner a few days ago.  We never go out to eat with the kids anymore because it is not very relaxing.  However, I had been craving a burger from Dukes (on the Huntington Beach pier), so we decided to pack everyone up and head over.  We went early (4:45pm) so there weren't many other people around us in case the kids had a meltdown.

As we were sitting there I thought it was pretty neat that we can say that Brad & I ate at Dukes right before we had each baby.  We went there a few days before I had Cade.  And we also went the night before my scheduled c section with Berkley. 
Funny story:
Since we are on the subject of having babies.... the other day, Cade points to my breast and says, "You got a baby in dare (there), Mommy?"  Ha ha!  That would be one little baby :)  The things that comes out of this kids' mouth are hilarious!  The other day I took them to a farm and as we walked by the pigs one of them made some weird grunting noise.  Cade says, "Scuse you pig!" 

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