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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Halloween 2012

We had such a FUN Halloween this year!  Our community center (at the end of our street) has a BIG bash (complete with DJ, food, cocktails, decorations, etc) every year but we had never gone before.  It started at 4pm and since Brad wouldn't be home from work until 5pm, I decided to take the kids on my own.
We got dressed and out of the house in record time. 
Here is my cowboy:
And my lil' Indian:
We arrived at the party right at 4pm and there weren't many people there yet.  But within 10 minutes, the place was hoppin'.  Unfortunately, the initial crowd was a bunch of 6 year old girls, but Cade didn't seem to care.... he just jumped right on in there and danced with the best of them. (Video coming soon)
He's no fool, he has the right idea.... get in good with the older ladies early on :)

Little Miss Berkie got in on the action too!  Everyone thought she was too cute out there on the dance floor.
Why yes, Berks did in fact have a lollipop that day :)

This photo cracks me up.  The kids were playing a game where they had teams of mini "trains" and they were walking in a circle.  There is Mr. Man right in the center of the circle.  Ha!
Berks cuttin' a rug :)
This is the DJ area.  He had that white bin full of candy for the kids.  If they did karaoke, or a dance move, or whatever, he would let them take a piece of candy.  Well, little Cade Man kept walking over and helping himself all.night.long.  The DJ didn't mind.  My boy has a slight obsession with ya-yi pops (lollipops).
Told you!  He has 1 in each hand here!  Don't judge - it was Halloween.  What's Halloween without tons of candy?!
More dancing...
The crowd (it doesn't look like it in this picture, but many adults were dressed up too):
Our friends Rob & Ashley with their little Emmy & Ethan:
Other friends Jamie & John.  We couldn't tear their daughter away from having fun to get in the picture.  As you can tell, these 2 are such 'hams'.
Brad showed up around 5:30pm and after saying hi to a few people we were off to activity #2 - pizza and trick-or-treating at Sofia's house!!

This family pic makes me smile :)
Sofia's friend Ruby came too.  The 3 big kids had fun trick-or-treating.  We practiced how to trick-or-treat but I wasn't sure Cade really got it.  Boy, was I wrong!  By the end he kept saying, "next house!"  Although he did NOT like the concept of putting the candy into his bag!  He wanted to eat each piece as he got it.  Smart kid!
Berkley liked her M&Ms :)  She is such a sweet thing, that girl.
"Knock knock!"
Daddy & his favorite little girl!


Berkley's turn!

Then we went back to Sofia's house to eat and get the kids in their jammies.  They were sound asleep on the car ride home from all that fun!
I had so much fun experiencing Halloween through our kids' eyes.  Nothing brings me more joy than to watch my loves having fun :)

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