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Monday, April 15, 2013

BOSTON Marathon!! We Are Here!

We made it!  I qualified almost a year ago (May 6, 2012 at the OC Marathon) and the BOSTON Marathon is now here!
My parents have the kids for 4 nights - thanks mom and dad.
Here is my partner in crime and me in the LAX airport.
Having a drink in the airport before taking off...

Upon landing, I saw this sign:
The view from our room.  Pretty cool.... we are right on the Charles River.  (I ran along it this morning with Amy, a girl I met yesterday.  We "friended" each other and plan to go to the race together tomorrow as well.)
After checking in and sleeping for a few hours, Brad and I headed over to the expo...
Boston University:

Charles River:
Ahhhh!  Time to pick up my bib and swag bag!

This pic is out of order, but we had lunch at this fun pub: The Pour House

 I'm a celebrity...ha!  These guys asked to interview me.  For all I know, it might be for a class project.... but I felt pretty cool.  Ha!

Part 2 will come later....

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