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Friday, April 19, 2013

Boston: Part 3

These are all of the photos taken on my camera.

On our second day in Boston we had lunch at Whiskey's.  It was pretty good.  I noticed that it was hard to find healthy menu items.  So much was fried and fatty.  So different from Cali menus.  Fun atmosphere though!

This picture is crazy.  This was taken the day before the bombing, in what I think was the exact spot of where one of the bombs was dropped.  I wanted a picture of the finish line.
This was taken as we were walking in to the pre race pasta dinner

We could have sat down at a table but we didn't see any open seats right away (turns out there were tons around the corner).  We are used to standing and eating fast with the kiddos so it seemed normal :)

Heading back to the hotel to get some sleep before the big race the next morning.
Brad took these next few photos during the race.  An elite runner!
I think this was one street over from the race. 
This is towards the end of the race.  I think we had 1 mile to go at this point.

Cheers!  Breakfast and mimosas at the airport before flying home.
Picked up the hat - one last souvenir - in the airport.
Whoops - I forgot to add this picture of Katherine Switzer.  She was the 1st woman to run the marathon.  From what I was told, she registered as a male.  Around mile 9, the race director jumped in and tried to pull her off the course.  The male runners stopped him and urged her to keep running.  I need to google this to see if that is accurate.
LOVE this!
Brad and I feel so blessed that we were safe from the tragedy at the finish line.  I pray for all of those that have been affected.  Such a senseless act.  When I think about it I am speechless.  There are no words I can say.  I will pray instead.

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