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Thursday, June 7, 2012

8 Months!

I cannot believe our "baby" is 8 whole months!  She is closer to "toddler" than "baby" and that makes me sad.  Berkley's giggle is contagious and her big brother loves and protects her, which makes us proud.  Berkie is a love bug and is as sweet as pie.  She plays so well by herself too and can entertain herself easily.  Being the 2nd child (with her older brother still a "baby" himself), she unfortunately has to be on her own sometimes.  She sleeps through the night and has been eating great!
Without further adieu, here are Lil' Miss Berks' 8 month stats:
Height: 27.25 in (50th percentile)
Weight: 16 lbs 13oz (22nd percentile)

We love you so much, baby girl!

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