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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Ring Bearer

Cade was the ring bearer in my cousin's wedding last night. Robbie married the gorgeous Olivia in Dana Point and we had a blast. We weren't sure if he would walk down the aisle or not, but fingers were crossed. He was going to walk down with his favorite person, Tori, who was a junior bridesmaid. While we were at the back waiting their turn, he kept saying, "I wanna see Bee Bo (my aunt)." So once it was "game time" I told him to go walk down and get Bee Bo (who was sitting on the end). As you will see below, he was quite excited to see Bee Bo and ran very quickly:)

His shirt read, "Ring Security".  Too cute!  He also had a badge on the front.  He was supposed to wear black sunglasses too, but he wanted no part of it.   :)

Below is Cade and Tori...

I guess we were a bit excited.... this was just before we were about to start.....

My parents & me at the cocktail hour....
Congratulations Rob & Olivia!  Here's to a great life together.  We love you guys!  

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