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Monday, June 4, 2012

Balboa Island's "Kick Off to Summer" Parade

Yesterday we went to Grammer's (my MIL's) house on the island to watch the parade. Tami, Josue, and Cade's best buddy Sofia met up with us too! The people in the parade passed out candy, flags, mini toys, etc. The kids loved waving their flags around like it was no body's business:)  These 2 entertained each other so well (as always) and they sat in the stroller together forever!

Not the best photos but here are a few I got...

This last one was of the Indian Princesses and their Daddies.  Seeing this brought back such sweet memories.  My dad and I participated in Indian Princesses for many years (we lived in Texas at the time) and we had the BEST time.  There is something about dads and their little girls spending such quality time together.  Dad, I will never forget going to camp and winning the award for "catching the most fish" and also for "catching the biggest fish".  I remember you politely asking if I wanted to just choose 1 award so I could let someone else have the other.  Of course, being a kid, I kindly declined that offer:)  I also remember that same year my near disastrous fall.  The cabins had bunk beds.  All the dads would sleep on the bottom bunk, and their daughters would sleep above them on the top bunk.  The ground underneath was concrete.  One night, I rolled off my top bunk and came falling down.  Luckily, dad had one eye open and reached out and caught me JUST before I hit the concrete!  Indian Princesses is something I still cherish to this day and something I hope Brad will do with Berkley in a few years.

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