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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First Night Away

Brad and I had an offer from my parents to watch Cade overnight. While we knew we would miss our little boy, we were very excited to have a full night's sleep! We decided to go camping for a night. Long story short, the campsite was a bust so we went home, got on bikes and rode down to the pier for some lunch and margaritas. We took full advantage of having the night off and went to bed by 8pm to get some much needed Zzz's. Thanks Mom & Dad! You're the best!

Here is the sign in their front yard - too cute!
Here is Mimi in all her glory. She was very happy to get her hands on Caders for 24 whole hours!
Daddy kissing his Little Man goodbye.Mimi on babysitting duty. Such a multi-tasker!

Poppy and Cade watching football...

Cade was so tired after all the action!

More football....

When we came to pick Cade up, my dad showed me this binder for his job. How cute is this? He put Cade's picture on it because it "makes him smile". He has Brennan's (his other grandson) picture by his favorite chair in the living room so he can look at it often. He is too cute! He loves his grandsons!

Thanks for watching Cade, Mom & Dad! I know Cade is in good hands with you two:) Thanks for spoiling him and loving him so much. He loves you too! xoxo

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