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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

River Rats

Last weekend we headed out to the river with Brad's lifeguarding buddies and their kiddos. Being that it was over 100 degrees, we decided to leave the Cade Man with Mimi & Poppy. This gave Brad & I quality time together... well with the dogs too of course.... because what's a river trip without Man's Best Friend?

I love this pic... I caught Donny mid laugh! I think they were reminiscing old times. Or maybe we were talking about 'posting a time'?? Ha ha
Penny had a blast to say the least :) As did the Chewster. They swam often to keep cool.
This is the view from the dock. Brad and I were in the water and Penny actually jumped off the dock and swam to us. It was the cutet thing ever. Brad was quite proud:)

Carrie & I enjoying a little R&R...

Brad taking a break for a pic...

The kiddos on their peddle boat... (what trhe heck do you call those boats anyway?) I couldn't help but think how much Cade will love this when he gets older:)

Brad with his best friend Chris and Chris' 2 boys, Burke & Derek.

Donny's daughter, Katie & I (and Chewy & Penny of course). Notice Penny hanging off the edge trying to get the courage to take another jump off. She shocked us with how brave she was! Who knew!?

That's it! We had a blast! Thanks to Chris and Carrie for having us and sharing your toys. I am now addicted to jet skiing:)

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