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Friday, September 3, 2010

I Am 8 Whole Weeks Old Today!

Hi Friends & Family!
This is my 1st time writing to you!
I had such a great day today on my 8 week birthday! Mommy noticed I have gotten a bit bigger so she let me wear a new outfit today. Do you like it? I do... I just love my camouflage... it makes me feel like I am in the army. See how happy it makes me?! :) I had so much fun playing, that I pooped out and had to take a nap on my tummy time mat. It's a lot of work being an 8 week old! No one warned me about this...

I couldn't wait for Daddy to get home from work so we could celebrate my bday! I wanted to surprise him with another new outfit... wouldn't you agree that I am "Rad Like Dad"!?
After my nap I was ready to try some Tummy Time again, but my mat had been taken over! Can you believe my sister & brother!? They thought it was THEIR mat! (And do you see Penny chewing on Mommy's fip flop?!) I could not believe those guys! But boy oh boy, do I love them!

What a great 8 week birthday I had! I can't wait for my 9 week celebration... although Mommy tells me she wants to freeze time so I stay her "little boy".

I love you to all my friends & family (which is A LOT of people)!
Cade (or as some call me, "The Cadester")

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