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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Photo Shoot With Jana

My good friend Jana (& Taj's mommy), is pursuing photography. She invited Cade and I over for a photo shoot. It was a chilly morning so we were all bundled up! Here is the little model on our way out the door. He was practicing his smile...
Coincidentally, the boys have a few matching outfits. Can you tell Cade from Taj? Taj is above Cade.Wardrobe change! So serious in this picture. I think they were staring at us thinking, "why are you making those goofy faces?"

My favorite picture of the boys! Does it get any cuter than this!?Just chillin'...Cade started to get fussy. He needed a break. Modeling is hard work, so he relaxed in Taj's swing for a bit:) What a nice friend Taj is to share! Back to work! Some Mommy & Me shots... Don't you just love his suspenders!?

Can't he just stay this size forever? I wish I could freeze time.These are my favorites! Great idea, Jana... Cade looks like the happiest little boy!
He looks like a seasoned model in this one.. ha ha! I promise we didn't practice!Look at those little feet and oh, those toes! I just want to smooch them!Thanks Jana! You are awesome! And thanks to Taji for letting us steal your mommy for these pix. Cade had so much fun hanging out with you. We are so happy that we can spend time with you two since we are both stay-at-home Mommies for now! xoxo
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