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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

An Apple a Day....

...doesn't keep the doctor away!

Poor Cade Kenny... he was up ALL night last night... as were we (ok, so Brad was up more than me).... but still:)
The poor munchkin has his 1st illness - a stubborn cold. The poor guy was miserable today. He can't breathe out of his nose, which means he can't have his binky... and his binky is his sense of comfort. So sad.
Brad stayed home with him and took him to see the Doc. To make matters worse, he had to get his 6 month shots today on top of already feeling crummy.

Here is a picture of my boys as I was heading out to work. The only way Cade could sleep was sitting up on Daddy's lap. If you can't tell from this picture, let me just tell you what a great Daddy Brad is. Brad does so much to help with Cade. For those of you that know Brad, you know that he LOVES his sleep... yet, he is usually the 1st one up during the night when Cade wakes up. I am so grateful to have such a helpful, involved husband. He does diapers, feeding, you name it. Need I say more? I love my boys! Here they are... Brad & Brad Junior:)

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