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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Permanent Smile On My Face

Cade was sick for a few days last week and I didn't want Gina's little girl, Lizzie, to catch it. Therefore, I did not have her watch Cade last week. Instead he hung out with his Grammer one day & his Mimi the other day. Lucky boy, eh?
Now that he is all better, today was his 1st day with Gina (& Lizzie who is 4 weeks his senior).
Gina sent me this text this morning:
Gina: Do you want pictures and updates throughout the day?
Me: Yes and yes! I would love them both! (How sweet of her!)
I then checked my phone every other minute hoping to get a picture and/or update. At 9:45am I got this via text:

Under the pic, she wrote, "I am on a walk Mommy... with my friend Lizzie."

This picture MADE MY DAY! I just love this pic. Both kiddos have huge smiles and they look like they are having a blast together. What a relief to be at work and know your little angel is having a great day. I must've looked at this text 30 times today. Thanks for sending it Gina!! And thanks for taking such good care of Cade Kenny:)

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