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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Baby Ryan's 1st Birthday Party!

We were so excited to be invited to Ryan's 1st birthday party at My Gym! Brad & I work with Ryan's mommy, Rhonda. We had such a great time, as you will see in the pictures.

Here is Cade "takin' a load off" right when we got there. His buddy Taj is behind him in the yellow shirt. :) In the center is the birthday boy with his mommy & daddy. Rhonda is in pink and Carlos is in the white striped shirt.

We are sitting around the 'big, red circle' ready for the games to begin!
Can you find Cade??

It's puppet show time! So many puppets... how do we choose just one to play with!?
"Walking" around the circle... we are following Taj and his mommy Jana. :)

Cade loved to be bounced on the trampoline by daddy. I later laid him down on his back and jumped beside him making him bounce... he chuckled at that!Here was our attempt to get a shot of the boys. Rhonda, Jana & I all work together and we all had boys within the same year. It looks like Ryan and Cade are reaching out to Taj to try and get him to come back:)
We got 'em! Say 'cheese' boys!
Many people say that Jana & I look alike... and it's too funny b/c our boys look alike as well.
Here is a shot of all the kiddos. The Birthday Boy is in the center sitting in the sled.
If you wanna see Cade in action, click on the 2 videos above.... too cute!
Thanks for inviting us to share in Ryan's special day, Rhonnie. You did a great job on the party. We had a blast! Happy 1st Birthday Ryan!

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