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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Just Because...

Sadly, now that I am back at work, there are a lot less "adventures" for my sidekick and I. Therefore, the blog has been (and will continue to be) suffering. So sad, don't you think?
So while I don't have anything major to post, I thought I'd at least show a few pictures of my baby boy:) Just in case you were wanting a new picture of him:)
Here are my Hurley boys at lunch...And when The Cade Man is not smiling & posing for pictures, he is sleeping. This is his nightly sleep position. He ALWAYS hugs the bumper. It is so darn cute. I think it is his "security blanket".My all-time favorite part of the day with Cade is greeting him in the morning. I just LOVE going into his room to pick him up once he has woken up. My heart literally melts. I walk in, he sees me and the biggest grin ever spreads across his face. One second later, his little chubby legs start kicking like crazy. He is so excited that he cannot control himself - those little legs start dancing around like nobody's business. I need to try and get it on video. I need to capture it so I can savor this moment. That is by far, my favorite part of the day:) I am dreading the day this stops.... when does this adorable greeting stop? and when do I start to hear, "Moooommm, get out of my room!" I don't even want to think about it. For now, I will just take all of the morning dances I can get.:)

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