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Friday, March 18, 2011

Future Geek Squad Member

Why is it that kiddos don't want to play with their toys that we spent a pretty penny on? Instead, they would rather play with Mommy & Daddy's toys.. ie. laptop, remote control & cell phone. It is as if they are magnetically attracted to these "off limit toys".

Cade took this even one step further... my mom got a new cell phone so she kept her old one for Cade. I thought this was brilliant! Now when I was on my phone, I wouldn't have tiny fingers trying to grab it from my ear, because he would have his own phone. But nope! Our little man knows that Mimi's old phone is not the fun, real phone. Crazy! How do they know these things?? We even still charged her phone so it would light up for him... but still no cigar. What can I say? I have a very advanced baby... ha! (Before you roll your eyes, I am only joking you guys... although he is a smart cookie... ha... ok, I''ll stop now.)

Here is our Techno Nerd in action. :) I had to laugh tonight... he was playing on the laptop and pushing buttons. All of a sudden, I hear Dr. Laura's voice! A few months ago, I downloaded her podcasts (to put on my ipod) for my last marathon.... I have no idea what he pushed to get there but all of a sudden, there she is speaking about how some woman messed up once again. She is pro-male all the time! I don't get it.....but that is another post for another day.

So....without further adieu... back to my pocket-protector-loving angel.....
What do you think?? Does Cade have a future as an IT guy?

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  1. haha! Taj does the same thing!!! He even turned off my laptop one time! We give him am old remote without the batteries but he is so not interested in it bc it doesn't beep or light up like the one we use. Our boys are so hilarious! give cade a kiss from us