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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Whoops... We Did It Again!

Cade has something to tell you... Did you get it?? If not, maybe this next picture will give you a clue....

Here is Baby JJ in my belly at 6 weeks. We called Cade "Baby J" before we knew he was Cade. So we thought it only appropriate to call this baby "Baby JJ".
If you scroll down and see the belly pictures (on the right column) from Cade's pregnancy, it is quite ironic. I have on the same exact pants and am holding my sweatshirt the same way. My belly even looks identical.

We got to see Baby JJ for the 1st time a few days ago. I wasn't sure if it would lose some "magic" since this was our 2nd time going through it. Turns out - it was almost the opposite. This time around it seems more miraculous.... now that I can see how far Cade has come, it makes this step so neat to witness. I am trying to memorize every step of the way since this may be our last time experiencing pregnancy. Baby JJ seemed so much bigger than when we first saw Cade. This is because Cade was only 6 weeks and this time around Baby JJ was 8 weeks.
Here I am waiting for the Doc to come in. I was very nervous.... Brad & I (and probably most parents) get so nervous before finding the heartbeat. I was praying about it constantly!

Cade now has a new sign on his room:)
We cannot wait to meet Little JJ this October. And I know what you are thinking.... let me save you from doing the math. Our little bambinos will be 15 months apart!
Oh yeah... and to answer your next question..... yes, it was "planned" :)

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  1. Brought a tear to my eye! Congrats Michelle and Brad! Baby Cade is going to be an awesome big bro. SO happy for you and your family!!!