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Monday, March 14, 2011

Girls Weekend!

This past weekend, I packed my bags, kissed my boys goodbye, jumped on a plane, and headed up to Oregon to visit my bestest - Katie. I teetered back and forth about whether to bring Cade or not. Ultimately, I listened to everyone's advice (mom, aunt, grandma, ect) and decided to travel solo and use the trip as a girl's weekend and one where I could rest and recharge my batteries. Boy, was I glad I listened! I missed my boys like crazy, but Katie and I had the best time. Being that I am preggers and soooo exhausted all the time, this was the perfect weekend getaway.

On Saturday, we left Kate's boys with their dad and we headed to the mall for some shopping and some much needed manis/pedis. I had not had one since before Cade was born. I almost fell asleep in the chair! As you can tell from our attire, it was freezing and raining. It was great! We were able to get away with being in comfy sweats all weekend:)
You like my toes? Just thinking about the pampering brings a smile to my face
Next on the agenda? Lunch at Cheesecake Factory where we sat and chatted for hours! This is what I call good quality girl time.

After the mall, we rented movies and headed home to get comfy and kick our feet up...

I got to sleep in as late as I wanted (and without waking up numerous times in the night) for 2 nights in a row. I forgot what it felt like to get a full night's rest. I felt so rested. But my Sunday, I missed my monkey so much and I was ready to come home and wake up all night long:) Walking through the door and seeing my Love Bug was the BEST EVER!
We were able to hang out for a few hours before bed time. When it was time for bed, Cade did not want to be rocked for some reason.... he only wanted me to hold him (loved that!). This is how I got him to sleep...
Thanks for such a great weekend, Katie! It was such a perfect getaway. I needed the R & R so much. I love that we can hang out in our sweats, laugh at absolutely nothing, and feel as though no time has passed since the last time we saw eachother. I love you, my bestest:)

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