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Sunday, October 17, 2010

18 Miler

Well, we did it again. Sally and I pushed our bodies even farther than the week before. We had to run 18 miles yesterday for the marathon training. The craziest part is that Sally is not even running the marathon... yet she still does all the training with me! I love her for that! And for other reasons of course:) Because we had to go so far (and it took over 3 hrs!) we decided to start earlier this time... at 6:30am. This is why it is overcast and misty in the pictures.

I decided to take this guy for the first 10 miles. Then we dropped him off at home with Brad. He loves the motion... puts him right to sleep. We stopped at a few of these for some 'liquid heaven' during a long run.

Posing with my lil' boyfriend:)

Great view, eh?

Sally & I...

Wish us luck! Next weekend is Sally and my LA Half Marathon. Should be easy since it is only 13.1 miles. That's cake compared to the 18 we just accomplished! The hard part will be getting out of the house by 4:30am! Pix will be posted soon!

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