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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sugar Shack 'n Sharks

Cade and I had a playdate with Gina & Lizzie yesterday. We had a very fun and exciting day! We took a walk over to Main St. in Huntington Beach to hit up The Sugar Shack for some breakfast.... then we strolled down to the end of the pier. You'll never guess what we saw.... but before I show you, here are some pix of us playing with our Little Loves:)

Love this pic! Can we please freeze time to enjoy these moments over and over again?
Cade is thinking, "Check me out Mom... I already snatched a hot babe and I'm only 3 months old!"Me: Okay wait... hand holding!? Really? He is moving way too fast for me. I thought I was the only girl in his life?
So we had to separate them a bit:)
Cade evidently thought this was funny:)Ok, back to what we saw on our walk.... when we reached the end of the pier Gina pointed this out to me. I nearly jumped 10 feet! How crazy is this!?And 10 seconds after we saw the thrasher shark, another guy was trying to reel in this guy. As you can tell, he succeeded.

I was thinking that if Cade were older he would have loved to see this. I can imagine him coming home to tell Daddy how cool it was!
Thanks for having us over Gina & Lizzie! We are so happy to have friends like you to go on walks with, eat bacon & eggs with, have Mommy talk with & enjoy our Little Ones with!

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