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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Run Baby Run - 14 Miler

In honor of our 14 mile run, I decided to bring out the big guns.... Cade's running shirt given to him from my sister-in-law, Aimee and my brother. Doesn't my little Runner-In-Training look cute!? :) What a motivator he is! He is the 'carrot' that dangles in front of me to keep me going.Here we are almost halfway done. My friend Sally did me the honors of joining me on today's run. She took the pic. I love it when when run together. Time flies b/c we are chit chatting so much! And yes, Cade is Mr. Fashionista in his shades... gotta block those rays, right?!

Sally often helps out and pushes Cade for me when I need a break. She says, "we are a team. We are in this together!" Isn't she so sweet? :)
Ok, Sally... this week comes the BIG 1-6 Miler! Start preparing and getting your game face on:)

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