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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Hangin' With Mommy's Cousins

Let me introduce you to Tori. She is my aunt Nancy's little girl. You can see Nancy in the upper left corner. These two are awesome! They frequently call and offer to watch the Cade Man so that we can go out on a date. Aren't we lucky!? Although as Tori says, "My mom is the babysitter and I am the dog-sitter." Tori is an animal lover.... and even though she doesn't admit it freely, she secretly LOVES Cade equally. Good thing b/c she is GREAT with him! Notice the 2 dogs each taking over one of Cade's gym mats. :)Next up - this is Natalie. She is my aunt Beth's daughter. She loves little Cade and calls often to check on the little guy. We love you Nat! Last but not least.... here is Yours Truly with her Little Boyfriend:) I was multi-tasking and talking to Brad at the same time.

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