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Saturday, October 23, 2010

M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E!

Yesterday, Brad & I took Cade on his very first trip to.... yep, you guess it.... DISNEYLAND! As you can see, Cade was fast asleep from the car ride. Here we go to look for Mickey....

Almost there! The magic is right inside those gates! Can you feel our excitement!? Note: Our little mouseketeer is still dreaming of butterflies:)

We're in! First stop... The Mad Hatter to get Cade his 1st set of mouse ears. Brad volunteered to model them, since the Cadester was still dozing.

Back view...

The next 3 pix were taken later in the evening, but I might as well show Cade modeling his own mouse ears now!

All decorated for Halloween:) I just LOVE the holidays at Disneyland. Gets me in the spirit.

This is my favorite pic.... the 3 of us in front of the castle.

And then in front of Small World... yep, our Little Man is STILL asleep!

This was taken from our spot in line of Small World.

We took Cade out of the stroller to get in line and he still stayed asleep! So much excitement must've pooped him out.

As we get in the boat and start the ride, he is just beginning to wake up. Yay! Now the real fun can begin!

Cade was bright eyed looking around... (although the pic looks otherwise:)

So much to see!

Look at us! Who would've thought Cade would be at Disneyland on a boat at 15 weeks old!?

More eye candy!

One last pose with Daddy while grabbing a pizza on the way home:)

What a FUN time we had! Everything is so much bigger & brighter when you see it through a child's eyes. I kept telling Brad that I felt like a little kid again. I cannot wait to see Cade's eyes light up when he gets old enough to comprehend what's going on:) Until then, I will kiss & cuddle my Little Man like it's going out of style.

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