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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fashion Show

This past weekend I had to do something I was not looking forward to.... yep, you guessed it... I had to pack away Cade's newborn clothes and slide his 3 month outfits into prime real estate on the closet bar. So sad. My Little Man will never be this little ever again. Never thought I would be so emotional about it. On the bright side, now he has a bunch of ADORABLE, CUTE, NEW fashions! Here is a sneak peak of what's coming down the runway this month....

A bit of rock-n-roll.... A touch of designer footwear...

Side view:)Some new jammies that say, "I'm In Charge, Just Ask Mom & Dad".... AND..... wait for it......
Accessorized with this wrist watch! Seriously, does it get any cuter than this?!

Next on the list.... his "King of The Castle" stud muffin shirt... let's take a break to check out our model... I don't know about you, but I think he is such a handsome little hunk-a-burning-love!

Now onto some warm winter apparel.... here comes Cade Jacobsen in his "Boys Will Be Boys" jumper. Check out that smile, ladies and gentlemen!
One more item in the sleepwear department... can you read it?
Let me help you with a close up:
Sheesh! Fashion shows are hard work! Our model is taking a break for a nap with Mimi. Don't worry - more fashion to come this month! :)

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