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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

1st Christmas as a Family of Four

We have a family tradition for Christmas Eve. Church, then out to dinner, then home to get ready for bed in our Christmas jammies. Unfortunately, I only got 1 pic from Christmas Eve. This is at church. We go down to the kids' room so that Cade can play (and the kids can cry) while we watch the service on TV.
The next morning, we were up and ready for breakfast and then some gifts. Berks (& Penny) was the 1st one ready:) (Sorry, I forgot to turn the picture).
Best pic I could get of the kiddos together - what can you expect from a 17.5 month old and a 2.5 month old? :)

Cade loves hammering this new toy!
And he has a blast playing hide and seek in his new Toy Story tent!
But his favorite gift... his drum set complete with a tambourine and maracas :)

LOVE these rain boots!
With the matching rain jacket that lights up!

Talking on his new Elmo cell phone... to his "buddy". He always says, "Hi Buddy!" And he also continually asks, "Wha Dat?" He wants to know what EVERYTHING is... I love his curiosity and his eager to learn all the time.
Berkley got a few more pieces to add to her ever growing wardrobe:) Yes, the more frilly, the better - ha!

These two were pooped after all of the presents
Brad got this in his stocking:)

And Cade's other favorite gift.... his VERY OWN and FIRST boogie board!! Brad can't wait to take him out this summer!

After gifts, we showered and headed over to Brad's brother's house for more gifts and delicious food. Then on to the beach house with Brad's family. We had a great time. We were very blessed this Christmas. Happy Birthday Jesus!

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