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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Happy 2 Month Birthday Baby Girl!

I have said this before, but it amazes me how much faster time flies with baby #2. I can hardly believe our little Berkley is 2 months old!
You are the perfect last puzzle piece to our family. It is so neat to see the different relationships we have with you and your brother (girl vs boy). You are such a little snuggle bug and such a sweet little angel girl. I continue to love to play dress up with you and I hope you will still love to dress girly and frilly when you start to want to dress yourself:)
Your brother still gets a kick out of seeing/hearing you. He is a bit rough but he doesn't get it yet. He can't wait for you to get a bit bigger so that you two can play together. He really wants a playmate!
You are growing steadily and even though we like to tease you and say that you are chubby, you are actually a petite girl. I think it just seems you are chubby since it is happening a little too quickly for me to grasp. You are my last baby and I want to wrap my arms around you and keep you little forever. You (and your brother) will ALWAYS be my babies. Your daddy & I love you so much baby girl. Thank you for making our family whole. You are the perfect fit.

2 month stats:
Length 22.5 inches (34th percentile)
Weight 10 lbs 13 oz (31st percentile)

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