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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Precious Time With Mimi & Poppy

The kids and I drove out (an hour) to see Mimi & Poppy (my parents) yesterday. My mom is starting to feel a lot better and she & dad were missing the kids so we thought it would be a great day to go visit.
Mom took Cade out in the backyard for a bit. They didn't know it but I snuck a few sweet pictures from inside.
Dad was pretty excited that Cade now says "Poppy!"

Cade also said "Berkley" for the first time yesterday! He always calls her "Ba Ba", so it was so cute to hear him say her name. And to top it off, he even kept giving her kisses! I always have to watch him closely because he likes to hit everything - his sister included! So his kisses were a very nice change:)

Poor Berks! I didn't get any pictures of her. I guess it was brother's day in the spotlight:)

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