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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Babymoon Before Berkley Arrives

Brad & I decided that we needed a Babymoon before Berkley arrives in early October. So.... why not head back to our favorite vacation spot... CABO! The hard part about the trip was that we left our pride & joy, Cade, behind for 5 nights. My parents offered to watch the little monkey for us while we laid in the sun, and did nothing but relax. Thanks mom & dad!

It was very hard to be away from Cade that long. I wouldn't do it again, because we missed him so much. I took his picture along and must've kissed the picture 1,000 times a day:)
Unforutnately, I either misplaced or left the camera charger at home and the camera died midway through the trip. Therefore, these pictures are the only ones we got. Bummer!

This was right before we left my mom & dad's house and headed to LAX. Poor Cade had no idea his mommy & daddy were leaving him for a few days.

The flight was a success. We then rented a Jeep to get us from the airport to our hotel.

You can barely see the ocean in this shot... and my People magazine where I caught up on the Casey Anthony trial.

Here's some of my other reading material. Yes, I am hooked on the Casey Anthony trial and had to buy a book about it. I read that thing in 2 days! That girl is so guilty, yet my guess is that they will let her off on reasonable doubt. I hope I'm wrong.

Finally, we made it to the hotel! Our home away from home. This shot was taken from the lobby.

And this was taken from our balcony.

The inside of our room....

This is at Mango, a bar/restaurant on the beach.

Another shot from Mango. See those blue chairs lined up on stage? Those are for the many contests/shows they have throughout the day. It can sometimes get pretty wild but it is always entertaining that's for sure!

Next door to Mango is The Office, a restaurnat on the sand. We had dinner here our first night. We were tired from traveling and decided not to get dressed up to go into town that night. This is what I do all day, every day:) Lay by the pool (yep, in my bikini with my preggo belly for all to see, hee hee) and read one of my books.

Well, that's it. Not too many exciting pictures, but what can I do? Now that I have Cade to pack for which takes so much concentration and thought, my packing gets done in about 30 seconds which means I forget things - like my camera charger. As Brad says, we have the memories in our minds.

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