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Monday, June 20, 2011

Introducing...Berkley's Palace

We still have 3.5 months until we meet our little peanut - Cade's sister -but we are already set up and ready for Berks to get here and show her precious face. I thought I would show some pictures of her side of the room. Cade and Berkley will be sharing a room.

Here is her crib and bedding.... notice the zebra and cheetah print. Told ya I love animal print! (The curtains behind her crib go with Cade's bedding. Remember she is moving into his room so the room is 1/2 boy and 1/2 girl... and I just LOVE it!)

I have always said that if I ever had a little girl, I would put a chandelier above her bed. Looks like I kept that promise...

Don't you just love how the shelves are split right down the middle? Berks to the left and Cade Man on the right. We are still deciding if we will paint a wall (or two) pink or if we will just leave them all blue.

In this pic you can see both cribs. Can you believe we have TWO in cribs!? Crazy huh?

Here you can see how the closet is split down the middle as well. Good thing the closet is HUGE!Last but not least.... Berk's stool. I was so excited to find this perfect match! Cade has a stool that matches his things too. His is in the shape of a surfboard:) I showed pix of it a while back.

And there ya have it! Now can she get here yet so we can put all of these adorable things to use!? :) Actually, this pregnancy is flying by! It is much different than I felt when preg. with Cade. I am so busy with Cade that I don't have time to sit and count the days like I did with him. Berks will be here before we know it!

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