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Friday, March 9, 2012

Berks Has Slept Through The Night!!

It is official! Berkley went to bed (in her crib remember) at 6:45pm last night. We did not hear a peep until 3:30am this morning! That is 8 hrs and 45 minutes!!! I jumped up, grabbed her before Cade would wake up and took her into the living room to feed her. I then laid her back in her crib. It was unbelievable how perfect that went.
To make matters even better, I was then able to head to the gym by 4am and bang out 7.25 miles on the treadmill while watching Jersey Shore and be home by 5:05am in time to shower for work. When I got home I snuck in their room to take this shot (it is dark in there of course, but my flash makes you think otherwise):

It's hard to see Cade but he is against the guard rail on the right side.

Here's to hoping we have many more nights like this! Ok.... gotta go dry my hair. I was just too excited not to post this right away:) Happy Friday!

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