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Monday, March 5, 2012


The kids and I met up with Jana and her boys at the Centennial Farm today located at the OC fairgrounds. It is free and so neat! We watched a cow get "milked" and then walked around to see the animals (and many with their babies too!). The farm even has a huge garden that is extremely well kept. The boys enjoyed kicking the ball in the big grass area. Being that is was almost 80 degrees, we had to sunscreen up and put on our summer best attire.

Cow milking demonstration...
Cade kept saying, "moooo cow!"
And Berks slept right on through it!
After, we went in the big huge barn to check it out. The older boys helped themselves and climbed right on up on this vehicle - what do you call this thing anyway??
Taji was all smiles! :)
Jana & I were dying laughing because we could not get these 2 to look at the camera for a pic...
Ha! Jana tricked them and told then there was an airplane in the sky.... check out their open mouths as they are looking for the airplane. Suckers.... made ya look! :)

Me & my little girlfriend..

Me, Jana, and Berkie's bright green bow (that was from you, Meli! Thanks!)
How cute are these piglets!? Jana & I both contemplated taking one home.... kidding! But aren't they so cute?
We had a great time chatting and watching the kiddos play. Bummer, I just realized that I didn't get a pic of Baby Jax!
I was thinking today that I will NEVER EVER get tired of hearing Cade (and Berkley one day) call me "Mommy". That is the sweetest thing to my ears. I absolutely love being Cade & Berkie's Mommy and I just love hearing Cade call me that.

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