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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Cade: From 20 Months to 3 Yrs in 20 Minutes

I had been on the fence about getting Cade's hair cut recently. It was getting a bit long and could look messy at times (aka after sleeping on it), however, both Brad & I loved the 'surfer look' and especially those adorable curls... "curls for the girls" as Brad calls them. Well, I finally bit the bullet and decided to go for it. (Brad protested the haircut, FYI:)
Here is the Big Man right before:

As you can see, Cade did NOT want to wear the smock! He was very adamant about not putting it on. Maybe it wasn't manly enough for him. Ha!
He wasn't too sure what was going on and if he liked this or not. My mom bribed him with this blue lollipop.

He DID LOVE watching Mickey though!

Mimi came along for the event!

And there ya have it! It turned out very cute I thought. I do like it a tad longer so in a month it should be perfect. But boy oh boy... it sure makes me baby look so much older! I do not like that part:(

We got to the car and Cade looked at himself in the mirror. His hand shot directly up to his head where he touched his hair - ha! I guess he noticed something was missing.
Cade did such a great job! We came home later and played with his "woca ball" (soccer ball). Fun for all:)

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