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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

3 to the car in 1 trip

My mom has taken the past 2 weeks off of work to stay with us. Because of my c section, I was not able to lift over 15 lbs (ie Cade) for several weeks. So my mom helped me take care of the kiddos these past 2 weeks. Now that I am on my own next week, I thought it was time to figure out how I will get both kids down the stairs and out of the house when we go to the park, mall, story time, etc. My mom used to think I was crazy since I took Cade on an adventure every day. I tried to explain that he (and I) gets bored and needs to get out and about each day. Well, now that she has stayed with us, she "gets it" and completely agrees. Problem is, there are now TWO bambinos that I need to pack up and carry to the car. Cade is too young to walk down the stairs by himself. So.... here is the solution to getting all 3 of us out of the house in 1 trip:

Yep, although you can barely see her, Berkley is in the beco carrier.

And because you didn't get a glimpse of the pretty girl, here are a few shots of her from this week:

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