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Monday, October 24, 2011

Berkley's Dedication

Berkley was dedicated at church yesterday. My cousin Steph's son, Nash, was also dedicated. Cade was dedicated last year. You can see Cade's dedication HERE. My parents joined us to support Berkley on her big day. Thanks for coming mom & dad!
Here we are waiting for our turn:
This next pic is blurry, but this captures Scott, the senior associate pastor announcing Berks.

Here is Steph, Scott & Nash:

All of the families that were dedicating their little ones:

The church gave us these roses (one for each parent and one for the baby)....
And this pink little Bible for Berkley:)
Then we came back to the house and snapped a few pix of my parents with the kiddos...
Poppy & Berkley

Mimi, Poppy, Cade & Berkley:

And one more shot of the little princess. We love you baby girl! I am so proud to be your mommy. Congratulations on your dedication. I promise to teach you about Jesus, pray for you, and help guide you to become a woman of God.

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