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Thursday, October 6, 2011

This Is It! Going to Meet Our Baby Girl!

As you can see, with only 14 minutes to spare before leaving the house, I am giving you yet one last update... Here the happy mama (second time mama) - to - be!
And one last belly pic. The very LAST belly pic! So exciting, yet a tad bitter sweet. I really do like being pregnant, but this is it for us. I don't think we can handle 3 monkeys. 2 is enough for us:)
Next time we arrive home, BOTH cribs will be filled. You can see our famous chalkboard on the door:)
And we are off! I am 2 minutes late now. Gotta go! The car is packed and we are hitting the road. It is so weird to have a planned c section. Makes things very easy and convenient. I will let you know how it goes. Hopefully, it will be MUCH smoother than when I had Cade. Please keep us in your prayers today at 9:30am!
We cannot wait to meet you in just 3 hrs! I cannot wait to hold you in my arms, smell your sweet baby smell, and kiss your little wrinkles:) Daddy is extremely excited too! We are so excited to have a little girl this time. You will get to meet Cade tomorrow. He is anxious too, but not quite sure what is going on. We love you so much baby girl. I have asked Jesus to give us both a safe surgery and I pray that you will do great! See you soon, love bug!

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