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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Tanaka Farms Pumpkin Patch 2011

Last year we started a Jacobsen family tradition when we took this little guy to Tanaka Farms for their spectacular pumpkin patch. After seeing the mazes, tractor rides, mini ATVs, etc, we vowed to come back every year.

Who would've known that the very next year we would have this little girl in our party!? She is all dressed and ready to go see her 1st pumpkins.
Or "balls" as Cade called them:) Have I mentioned yet that he is obsessed with balls? :)
Once we arrived, Berkley was so excited that her anticipation put her right to sleep! Ha!
And Cade was a bit apprehensive. He is thinking, "ah mom... not this place again! I am way too cool for picking pumpkins."
The Mr. & I....
Ok, no more parking lot pictures... time to go into the patch!
This place was packed! Good thing it is so huge - there were enough pumpkins for everyone.
Family shot! Can you find Berks in the pic? Don't blink or you might miss her.
That's better:) Both kiddos are looking away, but what can you expect? At least you can see Berkley this time.
My lil' pumpkin.
Ok, so they're not looking again, but you must admit this was a pretty darn good attempt on my part:)
A tad better...

Dad of the Year with both kiddos. And yep, you are seeing this right. Cade is trying to eat Berkley's foot. Boys will be boys, I guess:)
Did you notice that Berks' tights match Cade's sleeves? How random is that? Different stores. I didn't even notice until I got them dressed today. Let's pretend I coordinated that on purpose:)
I am not quite to Mom of the Year status, so thus far I stick to holding only 1 kiddo at a time. Brad asked if I wanted a pic with me and both kids, but I opted out for fear of dropping one... or both. Poor Berks had to shield her eyes as we were looking right into the sun.
This shot turned out pretty cute, eh? This one just might make it into a frame:)
And I just love these shots of the boys doing their thing :)

I will leave you with a pic of our family of pumpkins...
Happy Fall!

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